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INFINITI v. Nissan: Which Brand Is The Better Buy?

At first glance, when comparing the latest INFINITI models to the most recent models released by Nissan, you might come to the conclusion that there's not much difference between the two. But this shouldn't come as that big of a surprise, seeing as how Nissan actually owns INFINITI. And while both brands bring a lot to the table, including similarities in a variety of area, you can still find plenty of differences between these popular manufacturers if you look close enough. We decided to point out some of the more obvious differences between these incredibly popular vehicle makes in order to help potential purchasers decide which brand is the better fit for them.

Infiniti vs. Nissan Interior Comparison

Is INFINITI More Comfortable Than Nissan?

Simply put, one might say that Nissan vehicles were crafted for comfort while INFINITI vehicles put major emphasis on luxury. So if you’re wanting a smooth and comfortable ride every time you take your vehicle out, a Nissan might be the more ideal option. Nissan models such as the Altima and Maxima were designed to provide maximum comfort, along with a sporty driving experience. If maximum luxury is more to your liking, you'll no doubt be impressed with the exceptional comfort and state-of-the-art amenities found within these latest INFINITI models. While both Nissan and INFINITI vehicles can elevate every drive, you’ll be able to drive in complete relaxation no matter what happens in a new INFINITI.

Does INFINITI Outperform Nissan?

While we consistently mention the luxuriousness of these latest INFINITI models and discuss how they're some of the most luxurious vehicles you'll find on the road, we also need to bring up the fact that INFINITI prides itself on its performance. With some of the fastest and most powerful vehicles you'll come across, INFINITI models are known for producing when it comes to performance. And while Nissan certainly produces its fair share of vehicles with respectable power, they simply can't compete with these latest INFINITI models in when it comes to raw performance.

Does INFINITI Have Better Specials Than Nissan?

There are pre-approved programs available if you're financing a new Nissan of INFINITI through Nissan, but INFINITI offers customers added benefits which helps make them more appealing to potential purchasers. You can expect affordable lease/retail payments with special APR's when you purchase a new INFINITI. And while Nissan offers a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on new vehicles, INFINITI goes the extra mile with a 4 year/50,000 mile warranty on new purchases. And when you purchase from INFINITI of Las Vegas, there are even more benefits available to you such as loaner vehicles and free car washes when getting your vehicle serviced.

Defining Details Help With Decisions

You'll find no shortage of style and comfort when it comes to these most recent INFINITI and Nissan model iterations, but only one offers the uncompromising luxury and premium amenites that have helped make INFINITI some of the most sought after vehicles on the planet. There's plenty to appreciate about when it comes to the Nissan lineup of vehicles, but they simply can't compete with the elegance and class found inside a new INFINITI. Stop in and see us today to learn more about the advantages INFINITI offers over Nissan and other competitors, then let us find a new INFINITI model that can satisfy all of your wants and needs.

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